L U G G  L I F E

1. Like ‘thug’ life, but for luggage. All the things you need for a fun travelling experience.

I’m Marina, flight attendant and a lifelong traveller.

I genuinely believe that travel should be awesome fun, packed with beautiful memories, and most importantly – 100% stress-free. Every traveller deserves a smooth journey full of unforgettable experiences without the hassle of digging through messy suitcases, lost passports, or dead electronics thanks to a forgotten travel adaptor.

The Lugg Life is inspired by the countless adventures I’ve had, and the equal number of times I’ve forgotten things. My passion is to help you get on your way to discover new places and create inspiring journeys in a way that’s completely unforgettable for all the right reasons.
Everything you need for a spectacular travel experience can be found right here, in one simple place – at The Lugg Life.

A high-tech drone can be a perfect way to capture those exotic landscapes, while a suitcase organiser will help you spend less time looking for socks and more time in the great outdoors. Super-convenient backpacks with secret compartments to keep your gear together and safe while you explore hidden corners of the world. Chargers so you can share your captivating images and video from anywhere. Shopping addict? Shrink your souvenir and save space with a vacuum pack.

Whether you’re travelling as a family, for business, or going on your own special journey, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at The Lugg Life.